Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Flashlight I Spy Dinosaur Letters

This is our last week of Summer School and I was needing a fun engaging activity that would fit into our dinosaur theme.  A while back I had tried an activity using flashlights and it was a huge hit! So I thought why not use the flashlights and tweak it to fit our dinosaur theme and BAM this I Spy activity was created.  Since this all came together this morning 30 min before I had to leave (anyone else work better under pressure?)  I did not have time to make my flashlight letters cards so I used some from a sweet TPT seller Marsha McGuie.  I already had glow in the dark dinosaurs so I added them on a black sheet of paper. 

I wrote up a quick recording sheet, nothing fancy due to time but it fit the bill.  I differentiated the recording sheets to fit all my sweeties needs.  

I hide the cards all around the room 

and under the tables.  

I gave everyone a flashlight, recording sheet, clipboard and turned off the lights and they were all set!!

The kids loved it!!! They were so excited to try and find the hidden dinosaurs.  They liked the ones hidden under the table the best.  They didn't even realize they were *gasp* learning!!!  The one thing that I kept running into was it was difficult for the kids to hold everything.  I am looking into buying some finger flashlights.

Finger Light

I think these will work better for them, one less thing to hold and drop on the floor!!!
If you would like a copy of this activity please let me know and I will send it to you!  I have made some flashlight Letter cards so you will be all set!! Enjoy!

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