Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Getting Ready!


Summer is winding down for a lot of us.  It is time to dust off our alarm clocks and the days of browsing on Pinterest all day is going to be a thing in the past.  Time to start thinking about school and getting ready.  I saw this yesterday and I had to share.  How many times have you thought this or even said this??  Those little blessings can sure bring some problems to the table with some of their "reporting" at home:)

I have a few more weeks left of summer and I am getting everything ready.  Today is the last day for the big TPT back to school sale.  I have discounted my entire store 28% off!!  Go shop and fill your carts now!!!  Take full advantage of all the savings and use those TPT credits, its like free money!!

I have a few items in my store that will help those first days or week if you still need some ideas:
First Day Crowns

These are great for the first day back.  I have included Preschool, Kindergarten and a blank one.  There are 2 girls and 2 boys to choose from.  The kids will have fun coloring these and you can catch your breathe from the crazies of the first day!  If you would like these click HERE. These are only $1.60 with the TPT discount!!! Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!!!

Alphabet letter Trace and Write

Each page has an area you trace, either a capital or lowercase letter and then write a few on your own.                                                                 

A coloring portion using the coloring key. Both capital and lowercase colors are specified. After the letters are colored the student is free to use whatever colors they would like. 

I have included on the majority of the pages an element to be added such as: put sequins on the fish bubbles, glue yarn to the girls hair. I have tried to keep these elements to supplies that you would have on hand in the classroom. These can be added or omitted.

In my class we use this pack as a bound ABC journal that they take home once we have completed them. It makes for a great keepsake!  During this sale it is only $2.40!  Click HERE
if you would like more information on it.

No Prep Numbers 1-20

Number practice 1-20 is ideal for Kindergarteners, Homeschoolers or Preschoolers. Teachers will love this because it is a No-Prep packet! How much easier can you get than print and go?
Each page focuses on one number at a time so more time can be devoted to seeing, writing and displaying that number in different ways.
What you will find on each page:
Count the number
Trace the number
Write the number
Color that number of objects
Tally the number
Draw something that represents that number
Show it in a ten frame.

Click HERE if you would like more information about this pack.  It is only $2.00 with the TPT discount!!!

I hope some of these products can help you out this first day, week or month of school!  I am going to finish shopping and filling my cart with lots of goodies.  Hope you take advantage of this awesome sale!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Flashlight I Spy Dinosaur Letters

This is our last week of Summer School and I was needing a fun engaging activity that would fit into our dinosaur theme.  A while back I had tried an activity using flashlights and it was a huge hit! So I thought why not use the flashlights and tweak it to fit our dinosaur theme and BAM this I Spy activity was created.  Since this all came together this morning 30 min before I had to leave (anyone else work better under pressure?)  I did not have time to make my flashlight letters cards so I used some from a sweet TPT seller Marsha McGuie.  I already had glow in the dark dinosaurs so I added them on a black sheet of paper. 

I wrote up a quick recording sheet, nothing fancy due to time but it fit the bill.  I differentiated the recording sheets to fit all my sweeties needs.  

I hide the cards all around the room 

and under the tables.  

I gave everyone a flashlight, recording sheet, clipboard and turned off the lights and they were all set!!

The kids loved it!!! They were so excited to try and find the hidden dinosaurs.  They liked the ones hidden under the table the best.  They didn't even realize they were *gasp* learning!!!  The one thing that I kept running into was it was difficult for the kids to hold everything.  I am looking into buying some finger flashlights.

Finger Light

I think these will work better for them, one less thing to hold and drop on the floor!!!
If you would like a copy of this activity please let me know and I will send it to you!  I have made some flashlight Letter cards so you will be all set!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Flashlight I Spy And A Sale!

120 × 125

Who doesn't love a sale?  I know I have been waiting for the TPT teacher appreciation sale and it is finally here!!  My cart is full and ready to check out.  Lots of new clip art so look for those new products to be rolling out!
It is almost the end of our school year and and I don't know about you guys but my classes are getting pretty active!  I needed to change things up and get them moving more.  My class already adores the write the room or count the room activities.  It gets them up and moving so I knew they would like that, then it came to me... combine everybody's  favorite game flashlight tag with a write the room!  And that is exactly what I did.


I made both numbers and ten frame cards so both of my classes needs would be met.
My morning class used the number cards.

While my afternoon used the ten frame cards

I differentiated my recording sheets so all my little learners would be engaged and challenged.
I made some signs to hang outside my room to create a little bit of excitement.. it worked!!

Handed out the recording sheets ( here is an example of the more advanced recording sheet)

I explained the directions turned off the lights and let them go!!

They all had a great time using the flashlights they didn't even realize that they were learning!  Now that is a successful day!  If you were interested in the flashlight I Spy numbers 1-20 product Click here.  It is 28% off today and tomorrow as well as my whole store.  If you are looking for something fun and different this is the one to get!!
Have a great day!
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