Saturday, April 5, 2014

Thank you Susan from Lopez Land Learners  for nominating Grins, Giggles, Gumdrops and Whole Brain Teaching for the Liebster award!  For those of you that do not know what the Liebster award is, it is an internet based award that is given to bloggers by bloggers. Once nominated, I  nominates  5  more bloggers to pass the award onto. This website  has all the information and rules about the award if you would like to nominate a fellow blogger!

Thank you again Susan for this award! I am so excited to accept it.

Here are my answers susan:) 

1.How long have you been blogging?  I have been blogging for a couple of weeks now.
2. What made you decide to start a teaching blog?  I decided to start a teaching blog to share my ideas that I do with my class with other fellow teachers and parents.  I have learned so much and have been inspired by so many other bloggers that I wanted to give back and hopefully  inspire others.  I am also getting my certification for teaching others all about Whole Brain Teaching.  This blog will follow my journey in my certification.
3. If you could teach any subject all day long, what would it be?  I love science!! I wish I had more time during our 2.5 hour class time to do more science! This is one of my goals for next fall to incorporate more science in our lesson.
4. What is the one country you would like to visit?  I would love to go to Ireland.   I have seen so many beautiful pictures and heard so many wonderful things about it that I have put that on my bucket list!
5. What is your favorite children's literature book to read aloud? I love Pete the Cat.  It has a moral in every book that is great for my PreK class to understand.  The books has great CD’s that go along with it.  Songs are very catchy we find our selves singing them a lot.
6. What is the one habit you have that drives you crazy at times?  I work on several different projects at a time.  I wish I would just work on one until it is completed then move on.  I tend to do this with my Teachers Pay Teachers things and projects in my class.  Every room in our house has some type of work projectJ
7. How long have you been teaching? I have been teaching for 3 years. Do you imagine retiring as a teacher?  Yes! I love teaching, I love the Preschool age group.  They are so funny, they make me laugh all the time!
8. What do you think of the Common Core State Standards? I know there is a lot of debates about this.  Since I teach PreK, I am not as affected as the K-12 teachers.  I am saddened by how different my fellow teachers are instructed to teach.  So many creative ideas that they have used to teach concepts in the past they are no longer able to do because of a “scripted” lesson they must read to the class.  Kids learn in different ways, and I feel that taking away these creative, variety of ways teachers introduce and teach new things is a great tragedy. 
9. What is one supply in your class you just can't get enough of?  Glue Dots!  Its fast  easy and instant!!  Working with young kids instantaneously is sometimes a necessity.
10. If you could write a children's book, what would it be about?  It would be about teaching respect and kindness to others.  I think so many kids today, do not show respect to others.  I find this very sad.  I try and teach that to my class everyday.
11. What is your favorite store or website to shop for school related items?  The Dollar Store!!!!  I find so many great resources for centers, games and props. And you have to love the price!!

11 Random Things About Me:

1.   I am a wife and a Mother to 3 amazing kids.
2.   I love, love, love coffee! II have to have at least 1 cup a day.
3.   My favorite colors are yellow and grey.
4.   I enjoy drawing and painting, though I am not very good at it.
5.   I love flowers.
6.   I enjoy gardening.
7.    My favorite devotional book is Jesus Calling.
8.    My favorite movie is Faith Like Potatoes.
9.    I am a homebody! I love staying at home.
10.  I find creating and coming up with new ideas for teaching relaxing.
11.   I love to laugh!

I have found 5 awesome bloggers that I would like to pass on this great award to.

 Questions I have for my  blogging friends are:
1.     What is your favorite attention grabber you use in your class?
2.    What is your “go-to” Brain break for your class?
3.    How long have you been teaching for?
4.     What is your favorite  holiday?
5.     What book are you currently reading?
6.     Would you want your school to go to a year around schedule?
7.    Funniest thing a student has said to you or the class
8.    Why did you start blogging?
9.     What other social medias are you on?
10.   What is your class theme?

11.   How many students do you have in your class?

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