Morning Tally Work

Are you looking for an easy way to introduce graphing/tallying to your sweet little ones? This is the product for you!!
This activity can be used during group time, little one counts or Teacher counts hands raised to answer the question and they tally it and discuss findings. Or this could be used as part of their morning routine. They each get to "vote" when they get into the classroom and you can pick one student to tell us the findings.
You can print and laminate or put the sheets in page protectors and use a dry-earase marker so you can use this activity year after year!!

Math Patterns

A sample from my Looming Math Pattern packet.
This freebie includes a color version and Black and White version of the same AB pattern worksheet.
If you like this, please check out the full pack that includes:
3 AB pattern worksheets 3 color or black and white
3 AAB pattern worksheets 3 color or black and white
3 ABC pattern worksheets 3 color or black and white

Rhyming Write The Room

This fun activity is varied for all learners.

If you like this Write The Room, please check out the full version in my store.
Full Product Description
Rhyming Write The Room is a great introduction to rhyming or can be used as a review. Your little learners will love the activity that will get them up and moving.
"Happy Happy Happy" A Go fish style game that will have them rhyming in no time!!
This rhyming activity has:
* 8 pages of rhyming cards-4 with pictures of Characters and the rhyming word; and 4 with just pictures.
* 4 pages of recording sheets for Write The Room Activity- 2 pages outlining the words so they can be traced, and 2 pages with lines only so advanced students can fill in the word on their own.

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