Friday, March 28, 2014

Welcome to my Blog

Hey there fellow WBTeers...and teachers!  I am so excited to start blogging about my experiences using Whole Brain Teaching!  All of my blogs will be talking about my Preschool class and a few other experiences using Whole Brain Teaching!  I hope you enjoy the videos and postings!  I have just recently been introduced to WBT.  I love the high energy it uses and excited to see how it works inside a Preschool classroom.  As my hunt for how to use this in a preschool setting I quickly saw that there is NONE out there at this time, or if there is... I haven't found ya:) 
 I come from a very non-traditional teaching background as I did not attend college to become a teacher.  I didn't have the traditional "teaching" courses in college and I didn't do a student teaching semester.  Therefore, when I became a teacher in 2011 I had to "learn how to be a teacher".  A few summers ago, while surfing the web for new ideas to spark my imagination. I came across a blog about WBT. I was instantly captivated by it all.   I quickly looked on Youtube for some "live action" and there were several out there, but sadly none for a preschool setting.  I started thinking why not me, why not be the one to start a blog and use my classroom to help anyone else out there wanting to do the same.   So after watching a few youtube videos, reading some ebooks on WBT and purchasing the WBT book and asking some questions on some different forums I have decided to jump in with both feet.  
I have begun my certification process in WBT and will be blogging a about that process as it develops.
School will be starting again next week and I have already begun the process of tweaking and planning for the rest of the year using WBT.  While I have been teaching for a few years now, there are several things I want to change to make the class run much smoother than the past years.  I tried many different ways to get and keep their attention, it often lead to frustrations on all of our parts.   NOW I have a game plan and lots of ideas to get AND keep their attention.  I will be sharing with you as well as some videos of how well it went, and well... how well it didn't workout for me.  This is a journey and I know there will be lots of learning moments for all of us.  Excited to see how my first week goes!!  Fingers crossed.
Thanks for following me- Let's do this!!

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